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Cairos Dungeon Guides

Farm better runes to make your monsters more powerful.


Giant's B10 Farming Guide

This guide will help you build an effective GB10 team so you can start farming high-quality runes.

Dragon's B10 Farming Guide

This guide will help you build an effective DB10 team so you can start farming some of the best rune sets in Summoners War.

Necropolis B10 Farming Guide

This guide will help you build an effective NB10 team so you can start farming runes for PvP content. 

Basic Guide To Progression

Learn the fastest way to progress your Summoners War account step-by-step.

Efficient farming and progression is the key to developing a strong account with powerful monsters. 


Rune Guide (Stats, Locations, & Builds)

In this guide, I will break down what runes you can get, how to get them, which runes to use on your monsters and at the end of this guide I will show you how to get the best runes possible through efficient rune farming.


Rune Farming Guide

If you really want to take your Summoners War account to the next level, join the Rune Farming Guide program:

  • Learn How To Get 11 More Legend Runes Every Month
  • Learn The Best Monsters To Build For (GB10, DB10, NB10)
  • Learn Exactly Which Runes And Stats To Get For Each Monster
  • Greatly Increase The Strength of Your Monsters Much Faster

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