SWMasters Affiliate Program

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Some of our affiliates are making over $3,000 per month promoting our guides. (Check out the image to the right, that is one of the commission payments we sent to one of our affiliates)

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Signup for a SWMasters Affiliate Account, here is a link to the affiliate signup page.

Make sure to put the email address you would like to get information about your payouts in the email field and put the email address you would like to receive payments to in the PayPal email field.

Step 2: Create your custom affiliate links.

You can send people too many different pages on our site. You can send them directly to one of our product sales pages or to a content page.

Step 3: Post your custom affiliate link on your Summoners War website or Youtube videos.

When people click your custom affiliate link our tracking system will give you credit for anything that person buys from our website.

Step 4: Get paid 50% of every purchase made by people that clicked your affiliate link on the 1st of every month.

You can check how many clicks and sales you’re getting by logging into the SWMasters Affiliate Portal.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program please send an email to: support[at]swmasters.com


How Do I Get Players To Signup Through My Link?

There are three proven methods of promoting our guides.

Method #1: Create A Summoners War Website

This method is extremely effective at driving large amounts of traffic and sales.

Basically you will create a website with Wordpress or any other website building software and post up helping information about Summoners War.

Then within that content you will link to our website with you custom affiliate link.

Here is an example of one of our affiliates that created an informational page about Veromos and when they talked about how Veromos is good for GB10 they linked to our GB10 guide page so the reader could get more info about how to use Veromos for GB10:

After the reader clicks over to our site and reads our GB10 guide they will then see our pitch telling them about the Rune Farming Guide product.

If the reader then purchases the Rune Farming Guide our affiliate will get 50% of that sale (even if the reader purchases weeks or months later).

Method #2: Create A Summoners War Youtube Channel

This method works similarly to method #1 but instead of creating website content you are making videos and posting them on Youtube.

Here you will want to put your affiliate links in the description of your videos and talk about our content or products to incentivize your viewers to click over.

Method #3: Help Other Players That Have Questions

With this method you will be going to site like reddit, com2us forums, and discord servers to answer questions about Summoners War for players that need help.

After you have helped a player out with lets say their GB10 team you can then put in your affiliate link to our GB10 guide page.


Affiliate Graphics And Assets

Below are some graphics and advertisements we have created for our affiliates to use.

Feel free to take and use any of these and any other graphics on our website for the purpose of promoting our products.

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