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The key to success in Summoners War is knowing what goals you should be working towards for optimal progression. Knowing where to focus your time and resources is how you build a strong Summoners War account.

Below you will find a list of goals you need to work towards followed by a link to a more detailed Summoners War guide on how to effectively accomplish each goal.

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Goal #1: Scenarios & Monster Leveling

Your first goal should be to clear all the scenarios on Normal mode so you can unlock new content and get the rewards for clearing each zone.

Make sure you pick the 4* energy rune set from Aiden and the 5* blade set from Chiruka. The energy set will be very helpful for making your mons tanky enough for GB10 and the Blade set is needed for your farming mon to help you farm the first stage of Faimon Hard mode.

Make sure to use your friends rep mons to clear stages you’re struggling with (mostly boss stages).

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Goal #2: Giant’s Keep, Basement 10 (GB10)

After you’ve cleared all the scenarios and are able to clear Faimon Hard with just your farmer mon, you should start working on your Giant’s B10 team.

Farming high quality runes from GB10 is what you’ll need to be successful in the rest of the Summoners War content (including PvP).

Make sure you complete the Veromos fusion while you’re preparing your team because he will make farming GB10 much easier while also being a very useful mon in other areas of the game.

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Goal #3: Tower of Ascension Normal (TOAN)

After you’ve built your GB10 team and are able to farm it with above an 85% success rate, you should start working on clearing ToA.

ToA is content you can clear once per month and get some crazy good rewards for each milestone stage you finish. The top three rewards you get are a devilmon from F70, a Light & Dark scroll from F90, and a Legendary scrolls from F100.

The reason you want to go into ToA after GB10 is because you can use your GB10 team to clear ToA, the only extra mon you will have to build is Baretta (you can fuse him pretty easily).

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Goal #4: Dragon’s Lair, Basement 10 (DB10)

After you’ve farmed up some high-quality runes from GB10, you should start to work on building a DB10 team.

DB10 drops some of the best rune sets in Summoners War including the most powerful and important Violent rune set.

Getting your hands on some high-quality Violent runes can really bring up the strength of your account. Violent runes are used on so many types of monsters from attackers to full support mons.

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Goal #5: Tower of Ascension Hard (TOAH)

After you’ve farmed up some good Violent runes from DB10 your first priority should be to clear the Hard mode of ToA.

TOAH gives you the same rewards as TOAN only the monsters in the Hard mode have much more HP and do more damage.

You will want to be able to clear TOAH F70 as soon as possible so you get 2 devilmons per month for skilling up your 5* mons.

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Goal #6: Rift of Worlds, Raid Level 5 (R5)

After you’re able to at least clear TOAH F70, you can start to work on a R5 team.

R5 drops two important items: Enchanted Gems and Grindstones, which will allow you to super charge your runes. Enchanted Gems allow you to change one of the substats on a rune and Grindstones will boost up any substat.

Being able to farm R5 will greatly increase the strength of the runes you already have.

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Goal #7: Necropolis, Basement 10 (NB10)

After you’ve farmed up Grinds and Enchants to power up your runes, you should start to work on a NB10 team.

NB10 rune sets are very good for PvP content like Arenas, Real-Time Arena, and Guild Wars.

The reason you want to do R5 first is because the runes from NB10 don’t really help you in R5 but the R5 grinds and enchants makes NB10 much easier.

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Goal #8: End Game Player vs Player (PvP)

After you’ve built a good NB10 team you can farm PvP runes and start to build your PvP mons.

Ranking higher in Arena and doing better in Guild Wars will give you tons of extra Crystals each week.

(Note: You should’ve already been doing enough Arena and Guild Wars to at least buy your weekly Rainbowmon and Devilmon)

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